In the "heart" of Guzet 1400 area, find the snowpark with its freestyle modules.

Snowpark configuration

The snowpark of Guzet consists of 3 zones:

  • Playful zone: to begin with the first jumps
  • Parking zone: the first chains(sequences of movements) and the first modules
  • Red zone: loan to be sent?
  • Black zone: Big Air! Between 16 and 18 m according to the season, allows to release(leave) in complete safety thanks to its reception perfectly aligned with the satellite dish(parabola) given by the kick.

Security rules on the snowpark

The snowpark is a specific track fitted out by modules dedicated to the practice of the freestyle.
The use is intended for initiated and is made under your full responsibility.
The use of helmet is recommended

For your safety, we recommend:


  • Always warm up and stretch before the first jump
  • Use modules according to their difficulty (indicated by a color code) and your level
  • Recognize every module before its use
  • Verify that the reception area is free before jumping
  • Respect the order of departure of the riders
  • Adapt your speed to every module
  • Do not try mindless tricks
  • Do not park in the reception area
  • Stand back to make photos
  • In the event of an accident, block the module and warn(prevent) the emergency service


Opening hours / closure of the snowpark can vary according to the weather conditions.
Two milestones in cross in front of a module mean that it is closed.
Modules are closed during the maintenance of the snowpark.