The application of Saint-Lary ski resort

"Saint Lary" is the oficial application of Saint Lary ski resort. You will find a multitude of information and services which will be very useful during your visit on our ski domain.




The welcome screen was designed as a dashboard which allows to visualize in the twinkling of an eye the essential information of the resort and to reach the most consulted features.


Weather & Forecast

Consult in real time the weather report and the conditions of snow of the resort of Saint-Lary. Results comes directly from Meteo France and are updated at least twice a day. They are completed by our teams on the conditions of snows, risk of avalanche, quality of the snow


Ski map

This module allows to consult in real time hours of opening and closure of the installations and slopes. You can also visualize practical information such as the location of rescue posts, toilet, offices... This module also allows to be geolocalize at the resort.


Slopes opening

The information of openings of tracks and ascents is essential. The module opening of tracks was designed to retranscribe in real time in clear and ordered way the information of the domain: state of opening, schedules, delay, packing down ... etc.



The webcams module of Saint Lary's station offers an immediate overview of the conditions on the whole Saint Lary's ski area and allows to reach detail of each of the views.

See Saint-Lary's Webcams



Snowfalls, alert on the domain, promotions... receive messages of information about your favorite resort. The notifications can be configured and geolocation-based to receive the notifications of Saint-Lary only when you wish it.


Skipass booking

Reload your keycards with the skipass of your choice in a few clicks since your phone and leave skiing without spending time ever at our ticket offices !!!

How it works



Keep an unforgettable souvenir of your day at Saint-Lary. In a wink of eye, you can capture a photo of the resort, add it a mask to sublimate your photo and share it with your close friends.


Social network

The application is nativly connected to the social networks of Saint Lary's resort to allow you to share easily your experience on the ski resort.


Ski +

Ski + is an additional application of challenges and tracking performances such as outstrips, made uneven, height max, speed, route of the day … The application also allows to be classified among the other skiers of the resort of Saint-Lary.

The application also proposes some custom-made challenges allowing you to discover the ski slopes of Saint-Lary in a playful way and sometimes to incite you to surrender on zones little known by the ski slopes.

The meteorological information, the risk of avalanche, openings / closures, the packing down as well as the GPS positioning are given for information purposes