rechargez votre forfait

Your pass can be topped up, don't throw it away!

Are you coming back to ski with us? And there you go, you have an Altiservice pass...

Keep your ski pass and don´t throw it away!

You can top up your pass on our website and go skiing directly without going to
collect your pass.
It´s very simple!

How does it work?

Log on to

Then choose your ski resort

rechargement ski

Then select your pass

And, fill in your first and last name, then your date of birth.

sélection forfait

Enter the Altiservice card number

This is the number that appears on the back of your ski pass.

It is shown as follows:

numéro carte Altiservice

Validate and pay for your order

Your card is then topped up with the pass you ordered.

validez et réglez

Go skiing straight away...

without going through the ticket offices of our resorts to get your pass!


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