From the village to Pla d'Adet by cable car

In just a few minutes from the village of Saint-Lary, take the Pic Lumière cable car to the Pla d'Adet. 

Open from Saturday 1 July to Sunday 27 August 2023, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1.30 pm to 6.30 pm
The cabins rotate every 30 minutes, and more frequently if busy.

The Pla d'Adet market is open until 7 pm on Mondays with a single price of €6 (on sale from 1.30 pm at the cable car ticket office).

Dogs are allowed, one per cabin and fitted with a harness.


Le Suntubing, une activité gonflée !

Confortablement installés dans de grosses bouées, les enfants dès 3 ans pourront dévaler une piste spécialement aménagée et sécurisée de 120 mètres de descente, sous le regard bienveillant de leurs parents.
Et en plus, pour profiter sans effort, la remontée se fait par le tapis école !

  • Carnet 5 descentes : 8€
  • Carnet 10 descentes : 15€
parcours acrobatique

Le parcours acrobatique, pour prendre de la hauteur

Un espace d’activité permettant d’avancer en hauteur et de façon autonome, le tout en toute sécurité !
Ponts suspendus, cordes.. Découvrez les activités et faites ressortir l’aventurier qui est en vous.

  • 1 tour : 3€  
  • 5 tours : 12€

Accès dès 4 ans

En balade

Landscapes and walks

Come and discover the 3 medal-winning hikes in:

  • Caneilles (to the village);
  • Pla d'Adet;
  • Bouleaux (Resort/Pla d'Adet)

Win your medals and come and collect them on Friday at 5.30 pm from Monsieur Patou! Come and get your holiday booklet to find all the information at the Pla d'Adet and Village Tourist Office. 0562395081 / www.saintlary.com

Hike with your family or friends, the routes are available at the Pla d'Adet and Village Tourist Office.

disc golf

A lively Pla d'Adet, even in summer!

The shopkeepers of the Pla d'Adet welcome you every day and you can find local producers on Mondays at the "marché au Pla".

Disc golf is coming to the Pla d'Adet this summer. It is played like traditional golf but the ball is replaced by a frisbee.
You have to throw the Frisbee into the target: a metal basket. The course must be completed in a minimum number of throws.
The frisbee and targets can be collected at the Pla d'Adet information office above the cable car arrival point.

Remember to check the opening hours!

What pass do you need for a ramble in Pla d'Adet?


Single trip by cable car

Simple route to go up by cable car and come down on foot or vice versa for the more sporty!


Return trip by cable car

Return trip for a ramble on the Pla d'Adet, or the walk to the Bouleaux or Espiaube chairlift.


6-day cable car pass

6-day cable car pass (with unlimited return trips for 6 consecutive days), for fans of the great outdoors!


Monthly cable car pass

Monthly cable car pass (with unlimited return trips for one month), for those who love the great outdoors!


Cable car season pass

Seasonal cable car pass (with unlimited return trips throughout the summer season) for experienced mountain dwellers!

Map of the Pla d'Adet walk

Find your way!

Our tips for a great hike!